Company Profile

Safari Manager software is owned by Big Cat (SC) Ltd, (Company number 118755), backed by Sandhata Technologies (Uk) Ltd and Wild Things (UK) Ltd. In East Africa, Wild Things (TZ) Ltd. provides sales, support and training.

  • Annual Turnover: $97,000
  • Global Employees/Contractors: 11
  • Employees in TZ: 6
  • Primary Line of Business: Customized Software Solutions for the Tourist industry


  • Director: Richard Wood (Founder)
  • Director: Gary Thornhill
  • John Stuart: Lead Consultant

Business Profile

Since the software development began in 2008, Safari Manager was used internally by a few small companies. This changed in 2015 when Internet services in Africa improved significantly and Safari Manager was launched commercially. More companies became aware of the possibility of cloud based on-line software solutions. The software is designed specifically for African Tourism, which is unique in it’s methods and fills a role not provided by other products. Safari Manager is exception in the possibilities for customization to client needs, and the company is prepared to and capable of developing bespoke solutions to solve specific companies issues. Unlike other similar products, Safari Manager is priced in a manner suitable to the African market. The past year has seen exceptional sales growth, custom solutions and product development, which we expect to continue to grow exponentially over the next few years as new products are launched.

Our Team

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