Dedicated Server

Safari Manager can be run on your own, dedicated server – this is our high security option, and an option for companies with highly sensitive data in their database that they need strict control of – eg credit card information.

No-one has access to this server, not even the Safari Manager sysadmins, unless enabled by the client.

How it works

The server has three levels of access.

  1. Admin access to SM’s web admin pages to configure Safari Manager
  2. System access for the client’s sysadmins/staff only, and allows the client to enable and disable access for Safari Manager’s admins.
  3. System access for SM admins (via SSH) – enabled and disabled by the client for system upgrades/configuration and feature updates as required

Website admin access is via the user “root” login – the “root” password is set by the client and changed to allow SM admin access and changed again to revoke access. Resetting is done via the “I forgot my password” link,

There are 3 methods of system access for the client’s staff – a webpage, ssh, and ftp – this means if one method has a problem, such as forgotten password, there are backup ways to toggle access.

Only if the client gives SM staff the root password, or enable access to the server, does SM staff have any access to the client’s data, and any activity by SM staff can be closely monitored by the client’s admins if required and terminal logs available.

For prices, see our pricing page.

Dual auto failover servers with the same setup as our shared services is also available for dedicated clients upon request.

A free trial of the dedicated server option is unfortunately unavailable due to high setup costs.