• Does it work on mobile devices? – Yes
  • Does it work on apple? – Yes
  • How secure is my data? – Servers have redundant disks, and are backed up nightly to other servers
  • Can you access my data? – Like any online system, the sysadmins who manage the servers have the ability to access all un-encrypted data. But in the same way doctors and lawyers maintain confidentiality, sysadmins do to. Sysadmins only access data relevant to solving a particular problem and nothing more.
  • What happens if TZ admins are offline? – There are several other admins in the UK who manage the servers
  • Where are the servers located? – UK
  • Can I reply from my normal email? – yes, email work in parallel with Safari manager and in fact you can use safari manger purely by email, though you get more functionality and logging-in
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