Hotels and Lodges

Safari Manager for Hotels and Lodges is a simple email and customer relationship management system, combined with a powerful reservations system tailor made for the East African lodging business, and a stock purchasing and tracking system. It handles all your client communications for bookings/reservations, lodge stock orders and supplier purchasing, making all information easily accessible. Safari Manager can also integrate with your existing reservations system.

Reservation features include:

  • Reservation emails all tracked
  • Reminders for payments due
  • Tracks payments in progress
  • Reminds if a reservation has gone quiet
  • Works in parallel with your reservations management system
  • Keeps track of deposits to remind of final payment
  • Reservations that are paid, quietly go away unless further correspondence arrives, handing over to your reservations system

Safari Manager for Hotels combines Safari Manager email system,  ReceptionBook reservations management system, 3G Direct Pay payments, and has channel management for Expedia, and many more. There is even a free POS system thrown in for good measure.

Procurement features include:

  • Stock requests from camps received
  • Purchasing order created from requests
  • Orders to suppliers, and goods received check
  • Stock tracking on the journey to the camp
  • Loss tracking at each stage

The procurement process is customised to your company’s operating methods.