Procurement and Re-supply Tracking System

Procurement And Re-supply Tracking System

Minimise Losses and theft – keep track of all your purchases and assets.

PartracksĀ  – Safari Manager’s procurement and re-supply solution helps lodge chains to streamline their resupply and track any losses that occur.

Example Workflow:

  1. Camp Managers place resupply orders (resupply tickets)
  2. Procurement dept creates total resupply order (purchase ticket)
  3. Procurement dept makes purchases (order tickets)
  4. Stock checked in on arrival (any differences noted and purchase ticket updated, order tickets closed)
  5. Items sorted for each lodge
  6. Stock checked on despatch (resupply tickets updated, purchase ticket closed with check totals match on resupply tickets)
  7. Items arrive at the lodge
  8. Stock check on arrival (any losses noted, resupply ticket closed)
  9. Reports produced for losses, orders, etc.
  10. Items for return from the lodge listed (returns ticket)
  11. Orders can be exported for direct integration to accounting systems

This system can easily be tailored to your own companies needs and operating practices


Partracks is inexpensive, saving a company more value inĀ  human resource and reduced theft than it’s cost – like good software should. It is priced at $125 per lodge/camp per month (ex VAT), with a 20% discount for annual payments