Tour Operators

Safari Manager for Tour Operators: easily customized, simple to use. Keeps all your safari information and communications in one place – no need for paper files, or printer ink.

Safari Manager divides a safari into 4 departments.

  • The Enquiry – this is where all the client communication is kept, along with dates, itinerary, and details such as adults, room configuration, transfers, etc.
  • Bookings/Payments – each booking has it’s own page for all it’s communication, with details – lodges, suppliers, transfers, etc.
  • Receipts – Client payments can be entered recorded and reminders applied for future payments.
  • Operations – Vehicles, cooks, equipment are all managed by operations

Each department has it’s own “Dashboard” which displays all safaris/bookings in various sections depending on the status of each – deposit, invoiced, happening etc. Reminders can be set for payments due and follow up communications.